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Mini LED Tri-proof Light
  • Mini LED Tri-proof Light
  • Mini三防灯-2
  • Mini三防灯-3
  • Mini三防灯-4
  • Mini三防灯-6
  • Mini三防灯-7
  • Mini LED Tri-proof Light
  • Mini三防灯-2
  • Mini三防灯-3
  • Mini三防灯-4
  • Mini三防灯-6
  • Mini三防灯-7
Mini LED Tri-proof Light

1. Length: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft
2. Wattages: 15w, 25w, 30w, 40w, 44w, 60w
3. CCT: 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k, 6500k
4. Cover: Frosted or Clear
5. Main Material: Aluminum + PC
6. Input Voltage: AC100-277V, AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
7. Certificate: ETL, TUV, SAA, CE, C-Tick
8. Supply Ability: 50,000pcs/month
9. Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal

Product Description

●  Product  Description

The mini Tri-proof light is connectable design and IP65 waterproof and dustproof. It can replace traditional triproof lights and is widely used in underground parking lots, subway stations, airports, ports, factories, underground tunnels and other humid environments.

  Technical Specifications 
  Input Voltage   AC100-277V  50/60Hz
  Total harmonic distortion   THD<19%
  Power Factor   PF>0.95
  Efficiency   110-130LM/W
  Color Index   Ra>82
  Switching Time   100,000
  Lumen maintenance @6000h   >80%
  Operation Temperature   -10°C ~ +50°C
  UGR   <19
  IP Rating   IP65
  CCT   3000K,4000K,5000K,6000K
  Material   Aluminum + PC 

●  Features

●   IP65 water-proof, dust-proof
●   Maximum tandem wattage: 200W and 600W optional
●   ETL TUV SAA CE approved 
●   Special design for multiple link
●   Heat protection system, with excellent internal driver
●   Enjoy Hassle-free, safe and easy Installation

●  Applications

●   Replaces fluorescent NCF fittings  
●   Warehouses, factories & food storage
●   Car parks & sports facilities,Kitchens
●   Mining area,Steel plant,Tunnel, Basement etc

 Model  Length  Power  Led type  Lumens (lm) ±10%  Package
 LY-T5SL600-15W(M)  2ft/600mm  15W  SMD2835  1650 - 1800  710*260*180 (mm)   20pcs/ctn
 LY-T5SL900-25W(M)  3ft/900mm  25W  SMD2835  2750 - 3000  1015*260*180 (mm)   20pcs/ctn
 LY-T5SL1200-30W(M)  4ft/1200mm  30W  SMD2835  3300 - 3600  1310*260*180 (mm)   20pcs/ctn
 LY-T5SL1200-40W(M)  4ft/1200mm  40W  SMD2835  4400 - 4800  1310*260*180 (mm)   20pcs/ctn
 LY-T5SL1500-40W(M)  5ft/1500mm  40W  SMD2835  4400 - 4800  1645*210*180 (mm)   16pcs/ctn
 LY-T5SL1800-44W(M)  6ft/1800mm  44W  SMD2835  4840 - 5280  1945*210*180 (mm)   16pcs/ctn
 LY-T5SL2400-60W(M)  8ft/2400mm  60W  SMD2835  6600 - 7200  2445*160*146 (mm)   9pcs/ctn

●  Options

●   Fuctions: Standard Version / Triac Dimmable Version
●   Connection options: Linkable / Non-linkable / Power on the back
●   Installation types: Standard Clip, Suspending
●   Cover: Milky / Clear

●  Product Line Drawing (Size:mm)                         ●  Light Distribution Curve

●  Standard Accessories

Length for power cord or connection cable can be customized.

●  Installation 

●   To avoid electric shock, maintenance and installation should only be carried out by a professional electrician 
●   Please use it under correct input power range 
●   Do not use in the outdoor environment 
●   Before installation, turn off the power to make sure safety 
●   Follow the diagram for below for proper installation

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