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LONYUNG lighting won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2016

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Update time : 2016-06-21 15:08:00
Recently, the much anticipated winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2016 will be officially released. LONYUNG is the first time that won this award for the design of LED Lantern. This year, there are 5214 entries from 57 countries, including many worldwide brand such as APPLE, MICROSOFT, IBM, SONY, BMW, BENZ, VOLKSWAGEN AG, FERRARI, NIKE and so on.

Red dot design award is the most important award in global design award. It is a largest, biggest influential competition in global design. Win the red dot award is the best way to shape the brand in a enterprise. Winners can get organized by red dots for the marketing, brand logo authorization and a series of services, its international influence is self-evident.

The seletion standard of Red dot Design Award is very strict. Only the product which has been in mass production and launched less than two years is qualified. At the same time, forming the stand for the difference between similar products, puts forward higher professional requirements for the designers. Every senior judge of red dot design award is vey authoritative in their respective area and keep absolute independent at the same time to assure the quality and justice of the review. 

The Reddot Design Award is recognized as an international approval mark of approval for creative and design,  won the award means the most authoritative "quality assurance," ,while winner product can be  promotion and Cognitive  widest. Therefore, every designer and the company is proud of won this award. 《LED Orange lamp-Portable light》: 

The 3 components of led orange lamp are: shell housing(upper & lower parts /silicone/ lampshade)、circuit module(consists of charging circuit/ lighting control circuit etc.)Lighting module (consists of high bright SMD LED chips).

(1)Different ways for lighting. 
Adopts 3pcs 0.5w led chips, with 100Lighting,50%Lighting, 20%Lighting and light off, satisfy different lighting requirements.100% Lighting use for street lighting, outdoor sport at night; 50% or 20%Lighting apply to bedroom, no dazzling, with a soft and romantic atmosphere. 

(2)Convenience of chargingThis lamp adopts a portable power charge with a smart USB cable. It can be charged directly when connecting to computer or adepter.
The indicator light shows red when charging and turns to green after fully charged. 

(3)Daily-used practicability 
It’s dust-proof and water-proof that passed the grade IP67. can be used in the rain and will not failure occurred. There is a USB Charging Cable, can hang it up to Illuminate when it’s not charging, also can use as Outdoor tent lights . 

Innovated appearance design 
The lamp has unique shape, looks like a small orange lamp. Connecting  the USB charging line to itself, can use it as hand lamp like a small lantern. Not only it has the function of lighting, but also can be hang decoration as well. It is an excellent prodcut as a collection of appearance and practical.

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